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Calendar of Events
August Events:
Thursday 8/1- Tuition(1) Due
Monday 8/12- Teachers Report for School
Monday 8/19- Parent Student Orientation
Thursday 8/21- School Begins
Thursday 8/23- LINC Classroom Demonstration
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BJU Publications
They make our books.
Eduaction planet
A good homework help site. For more great links to site's like this click here.
Contact Information
5881 Phillips Drive Forest Park, GA 30297 (770)961-2042
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Welcome to Forest Park Christian School
Welcome Welcome to Forest Park Christian School's Official web site. We have built this site to provide you and your family with all you need to know about our school and what we are about. This school was built to provide good christian education to children in the Forest Park, GA area. Our goal is to provide as much support as we can for our parents and students. So please look around and enjoy this site and, if you have any comments please go to our contact site.
Our Teachers
Teachers at Forest Park Christian School are born-again believers who are actively involved in a like minded ministry. Our staff of qualified and experienced teachers provide in instruction not only in the classroom but also in testimony of their lives.       
To better help you we provide these tools so you can keep in contact with your child's teacher:
Links- Links to sites that are education related.
Teacher Bio- A short bio of all our teachers.
Teacher E-mail- You will be able to e-mail your child's teacher if you have any concerns.
Click here to download our wallpapers. Would you like to have a piece of FPCS on your computer? Well then you are at the right place we have made an assortment of wallpapers that you can download for free. They are all custom made just for FPCS and have various styles that will match exactly what you're looking for. There are also detailed instructions that will tell you how to put them on your computer. To see them click here.
School has Begun.
School has just begun and we have made a few changes to the site and it is going to continue to be changed for the next few weeks. So please bare with us as the changes take effect. Some of the things that are already done is the Calendar page which will have all the up coming events, and if you look to the left you can sign up for our newsletter which will have articles on the things that are happening around the school.
Click here to visit the Calendar of Events.
Our Quality Academic Programs
Our Admissions Policy
Student of any color, national origin or ethnic background may apply for enrollment. an interview with prospective parents precedes application and testing. The testing results and previous academic performance are thoroughly evaluated before deciding which grade the student should enter.
Our School Standards
Forest Park Christian School maintains a Biblical standard in our students' conduct, attitude and appearance. Boys must dress neatly, maintain short hair (off the ears and collar), and conduct themselves as young gentlemen. Girls must dress modestly, wear dresses(to the middle of the knee), and conduct themselves properly as young ladies.
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