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   Lower Grades

Name: Mrs. Ridings
Years Teaching: 2
Teaches: Kindergarten for 4 year old's.

Name: Mrs. Sosebee
Years Teaching:
Teaches: Kindergarten for 5 year old's
1st Grade
Name: Mrs. Goodall
Years Teaching: 2
Teaches: 1st Grade
Other: She also helps out with the cheer leaders.
2nd Grade
Name: Mrs. Hull
Years Teaching:
Teaches: 2nd Grade

3rd Grade
Name: Mrs. Beaver
Years Teaching:
Teaches: 3rd Grade

4th Grade
Name: Mrs. Dunahoo
Years Teaching:
Teaches: 4th Grade
Other: She also teaches 6th grade science.and she is the Elementary Dean.
5th Grade
Name: Mrs. Caldwell
Years Teaching:
Teaches: 5th Grade

How to Contact Teachers
If you would like to contact the teachers we have set up a special site that will make this available to you.
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Fee Info
Our school's tuition rates are very competitive with other Christian School's of our size if you would like to learn more about them Click Here.

   Upper Grades
Mr. Conrad
Name: Mr. Conrad
Years Teaching: 4
Teaches: He also teaches English for all the upper grades.
Other: He is the Girls and Boys Basketball Coach, and the athletic administrator.
Mr. Ridings
Name: Mr. Ridings
Years Teaching: 4
Teaches: Science, Math for the 7th and 8th grade; 6th, 7th, and 8th grade bible; 9th and 10th grade computer.
Other: Mr. Ridings also teaches Journalism and is the High School Dean
Mr. Hull
Name: Mrs. Hull
Years Teaching:
Teaches: 12th and 8th Grade Math
Other: He also is the 12th grade homeroom teacher.
Ms. Lewis
Name: Mrs. Lewis
Years Teaching: 2
Teaches: Facilitator of the BJ LINC classes.
Other: To learn more about the BJ LINC classes click here.
Pastor Helms
Name: Pastor Helms
Years Teaching: 4
Teaches: Principal and teaches bible for the 9th through 12th grade.
Other: He is also the Pastor of Phillips Drive Baptist church.




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