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<span id="bigheadertext" >About Us</span>

At Forest Park We Offer
A Bible-based curriculum using Christian school Textbooks. A phonics-based reading program.
A low student-teacher ratio. An atmosphere of firm, loving discipline with clear standards of behavior.
A highly qualified and dedicated staff of born-again Christians. A program of daily Bible classes and weekly chapel time.
A academic program with high standards especially in Mathematics and English. A unified educational philosophy with the goal to develop the whole child in his physical, intellectual and spiritual growth in a Christian setting.
A full day program for all classes K-4 through high school. Optional supervision before school until 6:45 am and after school until 6:00 pm

Our Admissions Policy
Student of any color, national origin or ethnic background may apply for enrollment. An interview with prospective parents precedes application and testing. The testing results and previous academic performance are thoroughly evaluated before deciding which grade the student should enter.
Our School Standards
Forest Park Christian School maintains a Biblical standard in our students' conduct, attitude and appearance. Boys must dress neatly, maintain short hair (off the ears and collar), and conduct themselves as young gentlemen. Girls must dress modestly, wear dresses(to the middle of the knee), and conduct themselves properly as young ladies.

We believe that students can learn and have fun at the same time! We offer an academic kindergarten with a delightful learning experience for your four or five-year-old. This program will teach your child how to read phonetic ally, and will include Bible, writing, art, poetry, music, science and numbers. To enroll, the child must reach the age for their respective class by September 1st.
Emphasis is placed on the basic fundamentals of education: phonics, traditional mathematics, science, history and penman ship. Music and art help complete the child's training. Homework is given to reinforce daily teaching.

Junior High
A quality academic program is provided to prepare each young person for high school. This program includes mathematics, science, history, Bible, English and physical education, as well as opportunities to participate in music, sports and special programs.
High School
FPCS high school offers the courses needed to prepare students for collage, including electives such as computer science and foreign language. Inter scholastic volleyball, baseball, basketball, softball, track, golf, and flag football (or soccer), drama and music complete the program.

Our History-
Forest Park Christian School was established in 1972 as a ministry of Phillips Drive Baptist Church. The pastor had a burden to provide a Christian education for the church's youth and the youth of the community. Forest Park Christian School has provided quality christian education to the families of the church and community for 30 years.
Our Philosophy-
The purpose of Forest Park Christian School is to train students academically and spiritually. The business of our school is building lives. We provide an environment that promotes academic achievement and Christian character development.