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As this year begins we hope that our teams will work their hardest and do very well. As the year progresses we will have more pictures and updates on how the teams are doing.
"Go Patriots!!!"
Our Teams
Here are the teams that we have:
-Volley Ball(Girls)
-Girls Varsity Basketball
-Boys Varsity and Junior Varsity Basketball
We play with teams that are apart of the GACS. To visit there site Click here.
Athletic Administrator
Mr. Mike Conrad is the Athletic Administrator for our sports department.
The girls do it again.
Yes, the girls did it again. And we don't think any one can stop them. With two trophies under their belt I don't think they will let anyone beat them. They are on a 44-0 run and  they can't be stopped. So all we have to do is wait for next years trophy.
Cheerleaders work hard.
The cheerleaders really worked hard this year and did their best. Even though they are young they tried their hardest to be the best. We really appreciate their hard work.
Basketball Schedule
Date: Opponent Time: Played At: Outcome:
Thursday, 11/7 FPCS Tournament(VB) 3:30p.m. Home N/A
Friday, 11/8 FPCS Tournament(VB) 4:00p.m. Home N/A
Saturday, 11/9 FPCS Tournament(VB) 12:00 Home N/A
Tuesday, 11/12 Forest Hills(JVB,VG,VB) 5:00p.m Home N/A
Thursday, 11/14 FPCS Tournament(VG) 3:30p.m. Home N/A
Friday, 11/15 FPCS Tournament(VG) 5:00p.m. Home N/A
Saturday, 11/16 FPCS Tournament(VG) 12:00p.m. Home N/A
Tuesday, 11/19 Crossroads(JVB,VG,VB) 5:00p.m. Home N/A
Friday, 11/22 Peoples(JVB,VG,VB) 5:00p.m. Away N/A
Tuesday, 11/26 Oakside(VG,VB) 5:00p.m. Away N/A
Friday, 12/6 Old Suwanee Tour.(VG,VB) TBA Away N/A
Saturday, 12/7 Old Suwanee Tour.(VG,VB) TBA Away N/A
Tuesday, 12/10 Lake Dow(JVB,VG,VB) 5:00p.m. Away N/A
Friday, 12/13 Southgate(JVB,VG,VB) 5:00p.m. Away N/A
Tuesday, 12/17 Griffin(JVB,VG,VB) 5:00p.m. Home N/A
Friday, 12/20 Crossroads(JVB,VG,VB) 5:00p.m. Away N/A
Friday, 1/10 Tabernacle Cov.(JVB) 5:00p.m. Home  
Friday, 1/10 Waverly Hall(VG,VB)   Home N/A
Tuesday, 1/14 Peoples(JVB,VG,VB) 5:00p.m. Home N/A
Friday, 1/17 Lake Dow(JVB,VG,VB) 5:00p.m. Home N/A
Tuesday, 1/21 Southgate(JVB,VG,VB) 5:00p.m. Home N/A
Friday, 1/24 Grace(JVB,VG,VB) 5:00p.m. Home N/A
Friday, 1/14 Waverly Hall(VG,VB) 5:00p.m. Away N/A
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