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Volley Ball Team
This years volleyball team has been a great success with dedicated players and hard work they have accomplished a lot.
Our Teams
Here are the teams that we have:
-Volley Ball(Girls)
-Girls Varsity Basketball
-Boys Varsity and Junior Varsity Basketball
We play with teams that are apart of the GACS. To visit there site Click here.
Athletic Administrator
Mr. Mike Conrad is the Athletic Administrator for our sports department.
VolleyBall Schedule
Date: Opponent Time: Played At: Outcome:
Tuesday, 8/27 Forest Hills 4:00p.m. Away Loss
Friday, 8/30 Columbus 4:00p.m. Away Win
Tuesday, 9/03 Oakside 5:00p.m. Home Win
Friday, 9/06 Tabernacle 6:00p.m Away Win
Tuesday, 9/10 Young America 5:30p.m. Away Win
Friday, 9/13 Marantha 5:00p.m. Home Win
Tuesday, 9/17 Forest Hills* 5:00p.m. Home Win
Friday, 9/20 Oakside 6:00p.m. Away Win
Tuesday, 9/24 Mt. Vernon 5:00p.m. Home Loss
Friday, 9/27 Young America 5:00p.m. Home Win
Tuesday, 10/07 Tabernacle 5:00p.m Home Win
Friday, 10/11 Columbus 5:00p.m. Home Win
Friday, 10/18-19 Regionals      
Friday, 10/25-26 Championship      
*Note: Game did not count will be played on 10/16.
Volley Coaching Staff
Head Coach: Mrs. Whitehead
VolleyBall Roster
Name Years Playing Grade
Crystal Goodall 3 yrs. 9th
Jacquelyn Goodall 1 yr. 7th
Kanan Pandya 2 yrs. 8th
Tiana Riley 1 yr. 7th
Marissa Smith 1 yr. 10th
Janeen Whitehead 1 yr. 5th
Jeanea Whitehead 5 yrs. 10th
Jamenda Whitehead 6 yrs. 11th
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