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Meet our Faculty and Staff
Mr. Eddie Goodall
Teaches: Bible
Years at FPCS: 5 years
He enjoys basketball and reading. He is also the pastor of Phillips Drive Baptist Church.
Mr. Jerome Binns
Vice Principal
Also is church business manager.
Years at FPCS: 2 years
He enjoys reading the word of God.
Mrs. Delores Young
Kindergarten and Computer
Years Teaching: 5 years
Mrs. Young enjoys tennis, singing and watching funny movies. She also coordinates our school plays.
Mrs. Laureen Goodall
First and Second Grade Elementary Supervisor
Years Teaching: 10 years
Mrs. Goodall enjoys singing, sewing and spending time with her family.
Mrs. Sabrina Wise
Third and Fourth Grade
Years Teaching: 8 years
She enjoys writing poetry, painting and cooking.

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Mrs. Diane Harris
Fifth and Sixth Grade
Years Teaching: 10 years
She enjoys reading, tennis and singing in the church choir.
Mr. Daniel Lee
Seventh and Eighth Grade
Science and English (7-12)
Years Teaching: 3 years
He enjoys hanging with friends and family, watching movies and playing video games.
Mrs. Delores Regulus
Ninth and Tenth Grade
Math(7/8)and History(7-12)
Years Teaching: 30 years
She enjoys reading, crocheting and taking walks.
Ms. Daphne Lewis
Eleventh and Twelth
Highschool Supervisor, Linc Facilitator and Journalism Teacher
Years Teaching: 4 years
She enjoys reading, watching movies and meeting people.
Mrs. Doris Cook
First thru Ninth Grade
Physical Education Teacher
Years at FPCS: 8 years
She enjoys cross-stitching and collecting antiques.
Mrs. Martha Whitehead
Church Business Manager
Years at FPCS: 8 years
Also is the School Secretary
She enjoys bowling, playing scrabble, shopping, computer games, and watching sports.
Mr. Reginald Cofield Sr.
Athletic Director and
Head Coach
Years at FPCS: 1 year
Years Teaching:
He enjoys coaching basketball.
Mrs. Aristrella Bird
School Helper
Years at FPCS: 8 years
She enjoys singing, reading, sports, and sewing.
Mrs. Lillian Aldridge
Cafeteria Coordinator
Years at FPCS: 8 years
She enjoys cooking.
Mrs. Jacquelyn Binns
Cafeteria Helper
Years at FPCS: 2 years
She enjoys cooking and reading her Bible.